Newsletter No 58


20 November 2008

Seeing that Christmas is around the corner, we do carry something for the great outdoors of ours

I have made up my mind to close from the 19 December to 5 January.

This means less than a month to go, so if you need something done- book now !


Early next year the Dyno Team wishes to use my premises for a Dyno Day. If you are keen, then contact:

Ronald Slamet                      Hafeni Akwenye                            Daniel Tjongarero

+264855580333                  +264811270363                           +264811296342

+264813354242                  +264812533130                           +264855556645



We just landed a huge stock of K&N filter but sadly we also had to increase the pricing here.

This is what a friend sent me:

The price increase 18%-20% is unfortunate, but not uncommon in these economic times, major tire companies & oil companies in the USA & Europe have raised prices by a similar amount.


Here is some interesting reading about Harley and a shift in international sales….


As a part of its third quarter 2008 fiscals release, Harley-Davidson has now 'narrowed' its "shipment expectations" for the full year to the 303,500/306,000 range, and reported third quarter shipments of totaling 74,704 units (down 11,831 units/13.7 percent) with revenue from motorcycles put at $1.05 billion (down $131.7 million/11.1 percent).

In year-to-date terms, shipments of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are said to have been 226,898 units; 9.0 percent down on the 249,413 units reported as shipped to end of September 2007. Harley-Davidson motorcycle revenue was $3.26 billion (down 2.2 percent).

The company is reporting that during the third quarter its worldwide retail sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles decreased 9.6 percent compared to the third quarter of 2007. Within that the company says that U.S. retail sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles decreased 15.5 percent for the quarter, in a domestic US market in which the "heavyweight motorcycle market" decreased 3.1 percent for the same period.

Internationally the company is saying that retail sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles grew 11.3 percent during the third quarter of 2008 compared to the third quarter of 2007.




K&N Engineering, Inc. News
Several New K&N Apollo Air Induction Systems for a Range of Makes and Models Released

K&N has developed several new performance induction kits for a wide range of makes and models in Europe and across the globe. These air induction systems are made using K&N's Apollo, a protective shell which houses a K&N high-flow washable and reusable lifetime air filter in one unit.  This provides the benefits of an open cone filter and standard air box in one unit. The Apollo is designed with attachments that are vehicle specific which allow outside air to enter the unit.  K&N rolling road tests showed positive power gains.

K&N air intake kits are designed to free vehicles from the restriction of the original factory air box. K&N air intake kits replace the factory air box and the entire air path to the engine. This allows a virtually unrestricted flow of air to reach the engine for added power and performance.

K&N air induction systems come with custom mounting hardware for specific vehicles. Instructions are included with each kit in several different languages.  K&N performance intake systems are easy to assemble, usually in 90 minutes or less and come with the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

Products, instruction sheets and vehicle applications are as follows:

57A-6038 - installation instructions


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for Lotus Elise

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for Lotus Elise


57A-6011 - installation instructions
2006 MG TF135 1.8L
2005 MG TF135 1.8L
2004 MG TF135 1.8L
2003 MG TF135 1.8L
2002 MG TF135 1.8L


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for MG TF 135

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for MG TF 135


57A-6027 - installation instructions
2006 MG ZS180 2.5L
2005 MG ZS180 2.5L
2004 MG ZS180 2.5L
2003 MG ZS180 2.5L
2002 MG ZS180 2.5L


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for MG ZS 180

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for MG ZS 180


57A-6025 - installation instructions
2006 NISSAN NAVARA 2.5L Diesel
2005 NISSAN NAVARA 2.5L Diesel


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for Nissan Navara

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for Nissan Navara


57A-6042 - installation instructions
2007 BMW 320D 2.0L Diesel
2007 BMW 318D 2.0L Diesel
2007 BMW 318D 2.0L Diesel
2006 BMW 320D 2.0L Diesel
2006 BMW 318D 2.0L Diesel
2005 BMW 320D 2.0L Diesel
2005 BMW 318D 2.0L Diesel


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for BMW 320D and BMW 318D

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for BMW 320D and BMW 318D


57A-6041 - installation instructions
2008 BMW 330D 3.0L Diesel
2007 BMW 330D 3.0L Diesel
2006 BMW 330D 3.0L Diesel


K&N Apollo Intake Kit for BMW 330D

K&N Apollo Intake Kit for BMW330D

K&N replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower while providing excellent engine protection. K&N air filters have been hand crafted in the United States since 1969 using only the finest materials.
Find a K&N product for your vehicle using the K&N application search


I would prefer an Apollo filter assembly for R1700 to 3000 anytime over an open filter under the Bonnet.

If you are loath to spend so much, use the OEM replacement from K&N costing in the region of 500 Rand. It will not void your warranty and makes economical sense.

We have some more good news. We just completed the Bluetooth map select system for Windows Mobile devices!

It is compatible with Windows mobile 5 and higher.


Bluetooth gate access system


We are 99% completed with the Bluetooth gate access system. The basic idea is that (in places like mines where they have very strict speed limits) all the vehicles of the workers that enter the mine stop at the access gate. The driver pushes a button that connects the map select pin to ground. The Bluetooth module in the car talks to a special Bluetooth system (available from us soon) at the gate. This Bluetooth module automatically puts the Unichip in a selected mapset that lowers the roadspeed governor of the vehicle to the required limit of the specific mine area. As the vehicle leaves the mine the same happens but the Unichip is set to another mapset with the standard governor or one at a different speed.


Up to 4 different gates can be used, each setting the Unichip to a specific roadspeed limit.

Maybe we can even sell this system to big security estates to enforce lowered roadspeed limits in the estate.


The special gate module has a PC program that records and stores the information about every vehicle as it goes through the gate.



There are MANY Windows mobile devices out there so the choice is now a lot more.


From the workshop phone


One question pops up regularly “My vehicle has x00 000 Km’s on it. Will our work (Turbo, Unichip etc.) be worthwhile”.

If you have done so many km’s on the vehicle already and intend spending money on an upgrade, it leads me to assume that you will intend keeping it a while longer. Nobody can tell you what will go next on your car or how long any specific component will last.

Experience has taught me that a modification will not reduce the life span of the vehicle, as we strive to enhance the efficiency of the motor. Turbocharging or improving the gas filling of your motor can push something over the edge, instead of it happening a few months later. Luckily I have not had the experience of a motor “blowing up” shortly after working on it. But logic would dictate that it can happen as a part can fail from old age just after we have worked on it.

I have done a full house modification on a 4.5 Cruiser at 200 000 Km’s and now at 600 000 it is only starting to use oil and loose power.

To see a full house modified 4Y engine go past 500 000 km is a regular occurrence.


So to recap, a thoughtful upgrade of your motor will not influence its reliability in the negative.

I would recommend putting money aside on old vehicles, as something is going to break sometime.

I quite like it if you give me feedback on jobs we did, so I know where I could improve  and where I am doing right.


We recently did a K&N & Unichip on a grey import Nissan 2.8 DT:

Ek wil jou net graag so bietjie terugvoering gee.

My kar loop nou soos n droom. Die fuel consumption is af, hy rook minder en

is nie meer so lui onder 2000rpm nie!

And on the 4.5 Cruiser:

War letzte Woche auf der Farm.  Gebrauch bei 120km/h – 15.2l/100km, 130km/h – 14.8l/100km, 140km/h – 17l/100km.  Lagsam fahren auf der farm oder in der Stat gibt mir 19l/100km.


Bin zufrieden.




Sadly I also sometimes get such questions:

I got the unichip from a friend of mine, just want to know, if I install the chip at your business, will the 3 month guarantee still count or not


What can I say except:

If we do not supply the Unichip, how are we to guarantee anything ?

What type of Unichip is it ?

All wires with it ?


Same person then really got me thinking with:

Hello Nick I am the guy with the code B Unichip (Dastek), please gives me a list of cars where this chip will fit. Because I want to get the chip an owner. I now you told me that it will fit on cars with motronic engine management system, but please assist me with list of car names e.g. corsa 2.0, BMW 325i etc…

If you know of someone that wants to buy, please inform me, it’s still brand new and has not been used as it did not fit my Ford bantam bakkie.

He did not even buy it from me !

                                    *                                  *                                  *

Sometimes we are also asked to tune such quads:

Maybe a Uni-Chip ?


That seems to be it for 2008. Let’s approach 2009 with renewed vigour as times will be tougher.

For those going on a vacation I wish you all of the best.


Nick von Bergen


It is with great sadness that we inform you that the Founder and Chairman of Erebuni Corp., Hagop Yegnukian, passed away on July 8, 2008 at the age of 80.