Newsletter No 66


03 February 2010


Hi there


I know it has been a long time since I have last sent out a Newsletter. My apologies. This does not mean that little has happened, but most things have been posted on Facebook  when they happen.


For instance this is what one person commented on FB on the Suspension kit we had sold & installed for him:

The adjustable height is very important, the suspension is very hard and a bit of a problem with all these speed bumps but good because the bottom of the car doesn't hit as many things, so one can lower it to the same height as drops without hurting the bottom of the car. The sway is much less so the risk of over turning is also much less too. I found a reasonably easy way to adjust the front suspension if your interested I can give you details on that. I'll keep you updated the more I learn.


Also the Cruiser modifications are posted on FB as they happen, You need not be a member of FB to see the page, only if you want to interact.


The best results we have ever gotten on a normally aspirated engine, are on the new C63 AMG.      More than 40 horsepower extra on the wheels at 7000 RPM!

We are able to supply a Plug 'n Play unit at about R 7500 for this vehicle.

The wired in Unichip with Tuning will set you back 3750 N$.


For those of you who are on our FB site, you know that we also do Ironman suspension.

This is what a customer had to say:

Here are 2 pictures. Left is before installing the ironman suspension. height to wheel arch was 870mm with the “load hogs” still installed.

Right is after the ironman leaf springs were installed. Height to wheel arch 900mm, no “load hogs”.


Thanks again for all your info, support and supplying.

I am a happy customer! J



We have had a significant K&N order come in before Christmas, but only received it in January, thanks to Namibian customs !


I think this universal K&N bracket is a great idea  85-6004 at 165 Rand incl. so you can build your own open K&N assembly.

            *          *          *


A lot of people are unsure of when to clean their K&N or how to do it.


If you have not experienced a decrease in mileage or engine performance, chances are your filter is fine and does not yet need cleaning.  To be more specific, the filter does not require cleaning if you can still see the wire screen on the entire air filter regardless of how dirty it may appear. When the screen is no longer visible some place on the filter, it is time to clean it. When used in normal paved road, street or highway conditions, our replacement air filters that fit in the factory air box should require cleaning every 50,000 miles and our large conical filters on an intake system should require cleaning every 100,000 miles. When used in dusty or off-road environments, our filters will require cleaning more often. We recommend that you visually inspect your filter once every 25,000 miles to determine if the screen is still visible.    That would be about 1000 hours


We used to advise customers that they could brush off their K&N carefully whilst servicing their vehicles, but that is not recommended by the factory fearing overzealous brushing. By doing so, the filter material (cotton layers) can be damaged.

                                                *                                             *                                             *


We now also have a very classy map select switch, for the Uni-Q, machined out of solid billet aluminium and anodised. It has 5 LED’s showing which map is selected.


This is for those who use different fuels (such as Angola’s Sanangol) or octane booster or Boost pressure or….



An incident at Medi City recently confirmed my fears “The Automotive modification industry has become nothing more than guys full of advertising hype”. This person shopped around last year to determine where to take his Golf Turbo to and chose the shop giving him the most impressive performance figures and paid his 7 Grand or so. On the way to Cape Town over Christmas he felt that the car did not perform as expected.


When he took it to a performance shop in the Cape they showed him that his vehicle only made about a ¼ of the power that the shop in Windhoek had advertised with. He spent another 20 000 Rand to have a vehicle that does pull better- but not 27 000 Rands worth !


On this specific car there is not much more you can do electronically than to change the boost, timing & fuelling. Logic would dictate that anybody tuning such a vehicle on a Dyno should get similar power/fuelling characteristic out of it. Of course this will be more than a car that had its ECU flashed ! As these flash programs or maps are safe values for a given average vehicle, whilst we tuners set up this specific vehicle right !


On this specific vehicle we usually only do a K&N with a freeflow. Costing about R  3000

Simply because this gives best value for money J

                                    *                                  *                                  *


Most people working with diesels know- the more fuel you add, the more power it makes. There comes a point where your EGT’s are unsafe and that is the maximum that you should tune to. Quite a few Diesel systems do no more than increase he common rail pressure to make more power. With the Unichip I can control whatever I want. On the 3L D4D we do increase the fuel pressure slightly (we can also control individual injector pressure) AS WELL AS doing the timing and Boost. We do this to create good safe power and smoother boost take up at low RPM.

We normally charge 2500 N$ to fit & check a Uni-Q on a Diesel vehicle. That’s a lot cheaper than most of the other systems where nothing gets tested afterward for best & safe running.


Now for the sad news.

The Ignitor that we have been carrying for well over 10 years is discontinued by me . The product was excellent, but the service I got out of my suppliers was pitiful. If you need something to replace your points, you can try Pertronix and hope that they do reply to your missive.


Our Headers will increase by about 10 % this month, as we have not had a change in price there for at least 2 years.


Finally I do not believe those who tell us the economic crunch is over.

We are not in a recession, but in a deflationary depression, as far as I am concerned.


I leave you with these thoughts


"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." (Mahatma Gandhi)