Newsletter No 67


29 June 2010


G’day my friends


I have a feeling this newsletter will become a 3-mester affair.

Let me know what you want me to cover & I will attempt my best to do so.

Need info more frequently, let me know what, and I will oblige.

I know some of you shy away from FaceBook and that is fully understood. Again I want to mention you can access my FB account without having to be a member of that group. You just cannot post things.


My K&N order has become a nightmare, but we hope to have new stocks in by the end of July.

I placed this order in the end of April !

There will be interesting new stuff J


We have been selling & installing these Snorkels, with good success, for some time already:

The average price of 3150.00 is retail, Vat incl. and  excludes fitment costs.

Fitment runs in the region of about 600 N$, unless you have some Airbox mod done previously.


In our line of rifle scopes, we have now added Barska for more top of the line items:

Barska makes a range of Benchrest scopes & premium Bak 4 binoculars.

More on this in the next Newsletter.


Of course we still carry a large range of Ramrod gun cleaning products & tools.



I think it is important to realise that if you have a remap, flash-tune etc. done to your vehicle- that one can still retune it with a Unichip. BUT WHY ?

Just fitting a Unichip should give you the same results as tuning an engine that had its ECU remapped.

The Unichip will set up YOUR engine to its best by optimizing it on the Dyno until it is right.


If you have a Unichip fitted, please do not have it flash-tuned/remapped on top of it ! This could be a deadly combination- for your engine that is !

If you must experiment, have a competent Dyno operator check your boost, AFR, EGT etc. afterward to make sure you are safe :)


For some time we have done the VX 200 Cruiser with the D4d twin-turbo V8 motor- very successfully.

The difficulty lies in getting a constant Dyno reading, due to the Auto box wanting to downshift at the most inopportune moments. This makes Dyno-time interesting…

Finally I managed to get some figures done in SA on a 4X4 Dyno:

RPM                  KW                            NM


2500              110 to 148                 462 to 623

3000              132 to 160                 465 to 563

3500              118 to 150                 356 to 451

4000                95 to 122                 249 to 322

If this does not impress you, what will ?

And all this for under 3000 N$ :)


Finally I want to cover something again.

If you have a project going, such as putting a 2L Golf motor into a Golf 1 body, I can help !

I just cannot give advice for free.

But if you inquire in advance, I can give you some pointers and hopefully round your project off by setting it all up with the Unichip.

If you want to turbocharge a normally aspirated motor, I will only tune such if it has been done right. I will not sacrifice my companies name due to somebody else’s gung-ho idea !

There is somebody who has done a lot of research on this and wants to do it right, of course I will help- because that is fun J


That is all for now and I hope you had some points of interest covered