Newsletter No 68


15 September 2010



Hi there


I know there has not been a Newsletter in months, but it has been busy and I tend to publish most things on Facebook  when they happen.

So when this Newsletter comes around, I feel like most has been said.


What is urgent; is that you place your K&N requirements for Christmas now.

I intend finalising my K&N order on Monday 27 September and hope to have the stocks in by the end of November.

K&N is releasing more and more Replacement Air Filters for Small Industrial Engines

K&N manufacturers many direct replacement elements for small industrial engines, utility lawn and garden units, air compressors, generators, etc.

K&N light industrial replacement air filter, part number E-4962
K&N light industrial replacement air filter, part number E-4962

K&N has released two new replacement industrial air filters, part numbers E-4962 and E-4961 for many small engine applications. Let K&N add new life to your reliable work engine with our washable and reusable air filters. K&N air filters have less restriction and provide excellent filtration.

K&N light industrial replacement air filter, part number E-4961
K&N light industrial replacement air filter, part number E-4961

The E-4962 and E-4961 are round air filters that have radial seals for a secure attachment within Donaldson airboxes. The E-4962 has an outside diameter of 5 inches (127mm) and a height of 12.375 inches (314mm). The E-4961 has an outside diameter of 4.125 (105mm) and a height of 10.75 inches (273mm). The two can also be used with secondary or safety filters. A secondary or safety filter is put in the airbox in order to protect the engine while servicing the primary filter.

These K&N replacement air filters will fit hundreds of applications, from small tractors to forklifts.

K&N part E-4962 is a replacement air filter for the manufacturers and parts listed below:
NAPA 6489
WIX 46489

K&N part E-4961 is a replacement air filter for the manufacturers and parts listed below:
NAPA 6438
WIX 46438

If you know the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) filter part number enter it into our cross reference search to find K&N replacement part.


The following K&N’s might be of interest to you:

33-2355           Rav 4 4L

33-2420           Jeep

33-2428           BMW X6 3.0L L6

33-2429           Suzuki Grand Vitara

33-2430           Honda Acura 1722RL5A00

33-2521           GWM 2.2 4Y

33-2868           Hyun Matrix 28113-17500

33-2950          4L Ford Falcon

33-2951           KB 240 360, Triton 2.4 Petrol, 2.5 Diesel 1500A098

33-2959           BMW X5,6 with 3.0-liter L6 diesel           

33-2962           Opel Insignia

33-2966           Opel Astra 2010-

BM-6507        BMW G650 XChallenge, XCountry, and XMoto

E-2021            BMW 320 E90

E-2296            D4D

E-2440            Most Cruisers

E-2992            Mercedes Benz E-series 6110940204

E-2996            Audi A6 5.2L V10

E-4961            Indust. 105mmOD 273Ht

E-4962            Indust. 127mmOD 314mmHt

HP-1003          Rav4 oil filter 3SGE

KA-1709          VN1700 Vulcan

KA-2008          VN2000 Vulcan

KA-6007          2007-2008 ZX6R

KA-6009          09-2010 ZX-6R

KA-7580          KZ750H

KT-6907          690 SMC Supermoto and Duke

RC-1645          113 Fl 175 mm Ht, slightly tapered

RC-5151         114 Fl offset tapered

RC-5178         113ID offset, 94 L stud top

RU-2310         40Fl 116L 3“OD

SU-1009          09 GSX-R1000

YA-1007         R1 07-08

YA-6008         08-09 YZF-R6



I had a accident where I hurt my ankle & took the time to upgrade my Dyno.

It is now faster & more steady, as well as being more accurate with a nicer Databank J

I will have to adjust my prices slightly though, to fit in with the rest of the world.


For quite some time, the uni-Q could change cam timing on the Toyota VVT-i

Now it can also change the lift point on the VVTL-I J (The lift point is similar to the Honda V-tech system)


Quite often people do not really understand what they are asking for:

Would you be so kind to quote me on a 275 deg cam shaft for a 1.4 i citi golf MK1 2001

Also Qute me on racing valves and hydrualic lifters

 There is no problem in this, as I have structured my website to educate and use Nick’s Racing Facebook presence to help these people by having others share their ideas & mistakes.

So all I can advise this person on is our 276 cam will work best with a 1845 Rally car to run between 3500 and 8000 RPM.

Of course you have to run solid lifters & other springs, as well as having your top gasflowed and the motor tuned with a Unichip or similar.

Maybe you should read-up more on this before spending money on something you Don’t want ?

But when I get the following reply:

Ek wil my golf net bietjie meer woema gee sonder om te lat sny of gasflow.

Hy het klaar branches op,ek wil net die cam,valves en lifters doen....

Then all I can reply is; to please educate yourself, before you hurt yourself by having an asset (a persons car is probably his 2’nd biggest investment) turned into a nightmare. But get told off:

Ek soek dood eenvoudig net pryse,nie n biografie van wat n cam is ens nie....

Ek lees gereeld speed and sound en ek luister wat die mense onder mekaar se

Ek weet wat n cam doen en wat n cam is

Ek soek net pryse op dit waarvoor ek aangevra het



This is probably the penultimate newsletter this year, lest something groundbreaking happens


All that remains to be said is “Book early & avoid the Christmas rush” or the chaos during the Windhoek show J