Newsletter No 69


06 December 2010


Hi there


This being the final newsletter of the year 2010, I want to thank you for your support.
Although things at Nick’s Racing have changed over the past 18 or so years, in the end we still enhance your vehicles efficiency !
I still Port heads and have custom-built 2X V8 motors this year for those customers who had time to spare and wanted the best. Or who else gives a year’s warranty on their work ?
I am concentrating more heavily on tuning vehicles than ever before. May they be petrol or diesel. Who else gives a 3-month money back guarantee on the customer’s satisfaction of their work ?
Like any other company, we will change to meet our customers demand. So I do rely on your feedback

Sadly I have to bid Ken farewell, who is returning to Zimbabwe. So we are advertising a vacancy.
He has become a friend over the years.
And again, this might trigger a small change in my company philosophy…

We have just received these NEW K&N filters for our stock:

KN-123         KLR 650 Oil Filter

33-2162       Suzuki Jimny   1378060G00/81A00/82A00

33-2241       98-01 TOYOTA COMFORT TAXI 2.0L L4

33-2243       Honda Civic    17220PLD000

33-2354       Hyundai Accent 281131G0000 Kia Rio 1.4/6 L

33-2371       Suzuki SX4 1378080J00

33-2438       4L Prado         1780138050

33-2446       2010 Land/Range Rover, Sport & LR4 5.0 L

33-2447       2009 & 10 Kia Borrego

33-2448       10/11 Sorento, Sonata or Santa Fe 2.4 & 3.5L

33-2761       Freelander 1.8L MANN C 2874

33-2824       Suzuki Swift 1378062J00

33-2847       PEUGEOT 207 1.6 HDi XI (diesel)

33-2865       1K0 129 620 F Mann-Hummel           VW Touran 1.9Tdi Golf 5/6 1K0129620D

33-2956       06-10 Chevrolet/Opel Captiva/Antara 2.4L / 3.2L 2.0L D

33-2957       04- Citroen or Peugeot 1444FK

33-2963       09 to 11 BMW Z4 23i & 30i inline-6

33-2965       1.8L 09/10 C180/200/250 E200/250 CGI

33-2968       Alto 1L 1378068K00 & NISSAN PIXO L3

33-2969       09 to 11 Kia Sorento 2.2 liter D

BM-1010       2010 S1000RR

E-1992         Audi S/A8 & Quattro

E-2380         Mercedes         BOSCH73207

E-2862         2004 Fiat Punto 1.8 HGT.      46552772 C149

E-2994         08-11 BMW M3 4.0L V8

E-2995         7on Fiat Bravo, Grand Punto/Evo, Lancia Delta III


HA-1009       09 & 10 CB1000R & CBF1000F

HA-1502       2007 Honda CBR125R              

HA-6007       CBR60RR 07 on

HA-6708       NSA700 DN-01

HA-6808       08/09 TRX700XX

KA-1408       08/9 KLX140 & KLX140L

KA-2506       KX450F and KX250F X-Stream

KA-4408       08/9 KLX450R

KA-9006       06 to10 Vulcan 900


RC-1586       147 Fl 170 Ht 146 -89 Tapered

RC-1601       98 Fl 160 Ht 137 -85 Tapered

RC-1620       100 Fl 160 Ht 191 – 113 Tapered

RC-1637        83 Fl 140 Ht 146 – 189 Tapered

RC-5131        70 Fl 140 Ht 128 – 89 Tapered

RC-5183        6”Fl 191 mm Ht, 9”taper 6.625-inch

RX-5179        61 Fl 95 Ht 120 – 101 X-stream


SU-1002        DL 650

SU-6509        09 &10 SFV650 Gladius

YA-1709        09/10 VMAX 1700

YA-2506        YZ 250 07



K&N Chrome Top Round Tapered Univeral Air Filters Made for Wide Variety of Applications

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-5131

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-1624

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-1601

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-1637

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-1620

K&N Universal Chrome Top Round Tapered Universal Air Filter, part number RC-1586





The following are evergreen filters, you can pick up of my Website pricelist:

33-2045     Mits Pajero 3L V6 & 2.4 I

33-2064     Isuzu KB 320 / 220 /2L

33-2070     M3 BMW 13721730946

33-2098     Corsa 1.3 GM 90411732 pre 04

33-2146     Land Cruiser V 8; TD 4.2 VX

33-2212     Polo 6KS 129620 Korando 2.3 Benz

33-2281     Hilux 4L VVTi 17801-31090

33-2830     Polo Gti 07 6Q0129620

99-0621     Powercleen; special black bottle cleaner

99-0516     Oil Filter Spray 400 ml Shop can

E-2657       06 BMW 530d   13712247444

RB-0910     3" 76 round angled 210Hp V6Nis

RU-2820    Fl 76 Ht 165 127 OD



If you doub’t that K&N is still the best, go to




I want to bounce an idea off you guys regarding 60mm instrumentation (water temp, oil temp/pressure, boost, tachometer, vacuum gauge) with a warning display & white/red changeable bezel.
The Display is both analogue & digital.
And the stepper motor is from Germany.

Would there be an interest if I could retail this product for below 1000 Rand per gauge ?


                             *                                     *                                                        *

Quite often I get a Mail that goes " I'm not really sure… will come in lunch time for a thorough explanation, with the car for your advice ".


This is where this FB site comes in, as I just do not have time to enlighten people on a personal basis. This way multiple people can benefit :)

If a person insists on meeting me for an appointment, then I can do that Friday afternoons. Should the discussion not be relevant to the work we do, or not result in me doing work on said customers vehicle, I may charge for it ?



Of course, this does not mean, a customer should not swing by and speak to any of us about when to book his car in for what job. Customers are always welcome :)

But if someone wants knowledge that only I can give, then they need an appointment and pay me for the time (unless of course it is a 5 minute enquiry).


I appreciate every job that comes in :)



This email is typical:

Hi, i own a 2003 opel astra 1.6. I added the following upgrades to it, consisting of branches, freeflow, airfilter and the person i bought it from already cut the cam. The car however is still not pulling as it should especially off the line. I was thinking that maybe a chip would solve this problem and i would like to know which one i should buy from you and the price.


To which I replied:

Sadly your issue is very common: a bunch of mismatched parts.


The Unichip is used to Tune your vehicle to the best of its abilities.

There is not much more than to set up timing & fuelling to make it perform as best as possible.

Look a bit into my newsletters J


Unichip is 2500 to 3 Grand.




I recently had somebody in to have a cold-air induction kit fitted to his Alfa Mito 1.4 T

He saw me busy Dyno-tuning a vehicle & asked what this is.

I explained that it is similar to tuning a Guitar or piano, in that we take the factory vehicle & then optimise it for the best performance/fuel consumption etc.

He then said that he had booked his vehicle in for “Tuning” with someone else. I had to explain to him, that there are only 2 companies in Namibia that can tune the car, as in the definition of

All the others flash the ECU or add a chip that has been set-up overseas for their conditions fuel etc. to hopefully improve the vehicle. Not only do our conditions differ vastly over those from Germany, Ireland etc. But, as far as I am aware, these local  companies are also unable to tune or check a vehicles parameters after having done work to it.


This person was adamant that I was to Dyno tune his car for him. I had to explain to him, that 80 %+ of my customers bring utility vehicles to me to be set-up right. Of these 50 %+ are 4X4’s that have to work.

Of course we can optimize most Petrol or diesel vehicles, but are ultimately concerned with reliability than that of all-out performance.


This is why I told him, that I am not too keen on doing Turbocharged petrol hot-hatches (Diesels, we do plenty of D4D’s, BT50’s, Navara’s etc.). The pocket rockets often tend to see abuse, from owners trying to “dice” each other etc. a Lot of petrol turbo engines are operating near their maximum already.

We see far higher temperatures here than anywhere in Europe & most of the USA. We have the possibility to drive for long distances “voet in die hoek” and our fuel is of dubious consistency. If other “tuners” are prepared to take the risk- fine. I am not !


Off course we can put most cars on the Dyno and test if the boost, EGT, fuelling and timing are set up to factory spec’s and try improve on these settings to a certain extent with the Unichip. We can only guarantee that the customer will feel a difference in performance and fuel consumption with a better responding motor.

I am not prepared to throw about performance figures etc. As this is tantamount to lying. Every vehicle is different and the outcome is different as well. I will not tune a car that does not show an improvement. If the customer is unsatisfied- we give a 3-month money back guarantee.


I am writing this email, since I am a mechanic more than a salesman J

I am not trying to run down anybody ! There is space for all of us trying to run our business. I just want to point out the difference in the tuning we do, to the modifications others do.

Of course you are welcome to contact me regarding this.

Ons kan natuurlik Afrikaans praat J


I hope that you have an great festive season. I hope that it's safe, fun, and full of the people you love, and the people that love you. (Hopefully, these are the same people.)




"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)