Newsletter No 70


21 June 2011

Hi there


Recently a few of us got down to discussing business morals etc.

I would think at first somebody simply sold goods he had to somebody who needed them.

Over time this changed to procuring goods for those who need them i.e. keeping stock

Of course the Business person followed the market and started stocking goods he thought his potential customers might need.

In the end this Businessman either had excessive stock or a aggressive advertising company and then started generating a need for these items ;)

We are now at the point where a lot of Businesses sell goods to a customer that the consumer does not really need L

Simply paging through the advertisers in a 4X4 magazine would prove this point.


If I go camping, I take a big fridge with refreshments & a rugstrang or 2 + Cheese, bread, biltong etc.

I have a box with eating utensils, Torch, 1’st aid a sleeping bag and spare fuel + water.

No tent, awnings, water purifiers, Toilets, 3 GPS + flares.

In other words I take the bare necessities and forget about the frilletjies & fralletjies

I also do not have DSTV at home + 101 other toys that are never used.

Why am I telling you this ? Because my outlook on life is basic: If you have good food, drink & friends, what more do you need ?


I started off building performance engines, as like any young man= I liked power- lot’s of it J

Then I moved to Nam in 93 and carried on driving my faithful 82 Hilux 4X4. It was reliable but no power, so in went a Buick 3.8. The suspension was solid but SOLID, so I imported a soft-ride suspension.

Then I realised that more traction was needed, so I imported diff locks. The list goes on…

Others had the same needs as myself, so I provided J


Today I will sell you what I would want.

No Bling- just solid, working engineering solutions.

If your cruiser 4.5 EFi is too thirsty, I can fix that because my present 4.5 made me pale at the pumps.

I might not sell you what you want, if I know it will not satisfy you ! Then I will refer you to somebody who will sell you this part & then you take out your disappointment on them ;)


I recently wanted to fit a Diff lock to the rear of my Cruiser, and then found I still stock a few traction aids etc. Amongst others I still have:
1610 Lock right for 8"Hilux diff
Salisbury Tractech noSpin diff 225S-36 fits the Land Rover rear Salisbury found in the 110 up to about late 2002
Cruiser LSD for Untag style cruiser with Full-floating axles
TRD LSD 41301-RN001 for 8"Hilux diff

    Anyone interested ?


Dastek Power completely revised the blank looms and plug and play system pricing. The prices have been substantially lowered making it a much more affordable option now.

The sales of blank looms need to be extended for the Unichip outlets to offer the client the choice to hardwire or not, irrespective of the vehicle being in or out of warranty. This is of course only if the client wants it and is made aware of the option not to cut the vehicles wiring harness in any way.

We are now offering the following options including vat:

Wired in Uni-Q, including Dynotuning & “3 months money back Guarantee, if not satisfied”       N$ 3000.00 up

Plug ‘n play which is the same Uni-Q as above but pre programmed not hard-wired, but rather with a harness that can be removed & refitted at will, but not fine-tuned: N$ 4900.00 - Normal Power plug, N$ 5900.00 - Extender Power plug

The loose wiring harness to suit the Uni-Q above will cost    N$ 2450




For some time we have been selling All Terrain Series brake upgrade kits for 4x4’s include a set of front All Terrain Series high-performance slotted discs and a matched set of front high-performance brake pads.


The All Terrain Series disc design offers reduced brake fade, improved brake response and class-leading disc wear life. The pads in the All Terrain kits have been carefully selected from the world’s leading high-performance pad manufacturers to offer improved stopping power, fade resistance and wear life when used in combination with the All Terrain disc design. The matched disc / pad combination offers a substantial performance upgrade over OEM / standard aftermarket parts.


These All terrain Series brake upgrade kits are direct replacement items. In other words the high-performance discs and pads in the kits will fit as per the original parts. No further modifications are necessary for fitment.


New All Terrain kit releases include:

Landrover Disco III - R3825,00

Landrover Freelander (solid discs) - R2170,00

Landrover Freelander (vented discs) - R2280,00

Mitsubishi Triton / Pajerosport - R2485,00

Nissan Safari - R2385,00

Nissan Patrol Y61 (3.0TD, 4.5L) - R3775,00

Nissan Patrol Y61 4.8L - R4005,00

Suzuki Jimny 1.3i - R1895,00

Suzuki Grand Vitara ('08 on) - TBA

Landcruiser 200 - R4450,00

prices excl Vat & fitting



We now also have Snorkels for the:

costing 3150 after Vat, but excluding fitting



The following K&N’s have arrived and the price has decreased due to the favourable exchange rate:

1          E-9267            Nisan Patrol 2007 3.0 litre Turbodiesel          16546-VC11A

3          E-2877            MITSUBISHI DELICA 2.8 INTERCOOLER 1996

1          KA-6093         ZZR400

2          33-2246           G/Cherokee A/FILTER   P/Nr.K05015610AA

1          E-2022            BMW  13717536006

2          137                  Suzuki 44/50 1651037

5          145                  New XT Yamaha

5          198                  Polaris

2          33-2912           Merc vito A000 090 3851

2          33-2375           Nissan Tiida 16546ED000

2          E-9266            Patrol 4.5 16546VB000

2          YA-6006         YZF R606-07

2          33-2260           Camry Xli 2.4 17801-0H020

2          HA-5000         Foreman TRX

2          E-2860            Nissan 3.3 16546-QW001A

2          HA-4506         TRX-450 06-09

1          33-2842            Fiat Panda 51773404

1          33-2443           2010 Lexus RX350



We are now also showing uncorrected Rear wheel power figures from certain vehicles tuned on our Dyno.

This is an aid to let you estimate how much power you might gain from having your vehicle tuned by us.


I am busy writing an article on what to expect to gain by doing a certain modification on your vehicle.

I would appreciate you telling me, what still needs to be changed there J


I hope this newsletter is giving you a comprehensive update on what is changing here ?


Till Spring







"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)