Newsletter No 71


06 September 2011


Good day


As I have said before, this is not going to become a regular Newsletter.

It only gets posted if I have something new to say J

In this case quite a few new things have changed for the positive with Nick’s Racing


Our MileMarker shipment has landed.

I believe this to be the toughest winch around. Otherwise the US forces would not be using it !

We have sold quite a few so far and had not a single complaint, apart from one individual who did not heed our warning and bought a winch so powerful that it bent his Hilux frame.

The price is right as well, coming in where the medium electrical winch market is.

As one customer has quoted “Your winch has outlasted 4 of my electrical brand name ones”


We are now also doing the Barska range of scopes & premium Bak 4 binoculars.



Did you know that we also stock MagLites, Gerber multitools etc. ?


We are selling the key-ring remote, 12v 23A batteries on special for R9.20 incl.

I’ve already seen these priced at over 60 N$ !


We can now supply suspension systems for 53 different vehicle types :)
Contact me for details, please.



I have updated the prices on most products we stock.

This should save you a call or eMail :)


Furthermore I have updated my website to work in all browsers.

If it does not, please tell me ?


My good friend Winston helped me in writing an Afrikaans Nick’s Racing write up.

Thanks J



This is short & sweet, but I would highly recommend following the links supplied, for more enlightenment;)


Until the next time