Newsletter No 73


10 February 2012

Good day


Sorry that I am only touching bases with you now.

I hope you had a relaxed slide into 2012.

For us it has been a busy start and as you can see quite a few vehicles have been updated and added on the Dyno page.


Please be advised that our prices on headers (branches) & related exhaust components will increase by 10 % on the 1'st March :(


I get quite a few eMails that read similar to “die diesel triton hy kom nie naby die hilux se kragsyfers nie”. This is referring to the power gains by tuning.

It takes time & development, as well as experience to squeeze every last bit of reliable power out of a vehicle !

Of course it helps if you have the chance to work on a race vehicle for many hours J

For instance on the 3L D4d Hilux we control boost, timing & fuelling whilst most aftermarket chips are no better than a glorified fuel pressure regulator.

On some Diesel racing-vehicles we have gone into a super-enrichment scenario; where we really add loads of fuel to the motor for a short period ! Similar to where we go into over-boost on some Turbo cars. First tried successfully in the early 90’s, on my Lancia Delta integrale J


Because no two cars are identical it is impossible to predict just how far from perfect the vehicle will be before fitting the Unichip. Some cars are closer than others are and therefore the results will vary. On some cars you may get better fuel consumption but maybe not much more power. On others the increase in power might be good but the fuel consumption might remain the same. Some might get a lot of improvement in drivability. In most cases you should be able to improve all of the above. It all depends on how close to perfect the car's existing map is for that particular vehicle.


We promise the customer that the car will be as light as possible on fuel when he drives calmly and it will make as much safe power as possible when he puts his foot flat on the accelerator. We also promise him that if within three months he feels that it is not worth having the Unichip we will remove it and refund him the full amount, including installation and mapping fee.

We do not make any other promises.


We strive to promise less but do more.



Did you see this ad in SA 4X4 ?

You do know that we stock these !

To better understand the advertising hype


                                    *                                  *                                  *

Some have advised that they have difficulty browsing my site or that it looks incomplete.

So far it has always been an issue either with settings or “fingers” on the recipient side ;)

Please do advise if there is a fault ?


The index is in the red bar on the left:

If you drag the bar to the left then it will disappear. If I drag it partially it will look like this:


So it is possible to remove the red bar with your browser. Some browsers allow you to switch off panes and it will disappear completely.


You can skip the rest if you did get my Christmas wishes on the 17 December

Finding the Correct K&N Air Filter, Oil Filter or Air Intake for Your Vehicle
Do you want to buy a K&N product for your vehicle but you're not sure what part to buy? This video shows you the different ways to use the K&N website on a computer or mobile device and find the correct parts for your vehicle.
Though I still prefer making sure by cross-referencing the OEM part number using K&N's website !


These filters were ordered for a specific application and arrived late December:

33-2886       Ford Icon 3M519601B1A

33-2270       Mini cooper S

TB-1005       Triumph Tiger

33-2980       Navara 2.5 16546EB70A

E-3340         Round replacement filters         

E-2232         BMW 318i 13717503141

33-2320       Chev Aveo 96536693 & Renault Mégané

33-2364       Jeep Wrangler 3.8 53034018AE

33-2983       Amarok

E-1957         1960’s AMC’s

E-3226         for S & S “E” teardrop housing

33-2304       Subaru legacy 2L 16546AA090

HA-7010       06 to 010 NT700V Deauville

RC-1624       60 Fl offset 113 Ht  132 – 89 Tapered

YA-6006       YZF R6 06-07

HA-4506       TRX-450 06-09

33-2842        Fiat Panda 51773404

33-2443        2010 Lexus RX350


The following are stocked, to satisfy the demand for new models:

RC-5158       67Fl offset 92Ht 168OD metal top

33-2451       Hyundai Tucson & IX35 + Kia Sportage 281132S000

HA-1110       VFR1200

33-2457       11 Jeep Grand Cherokee & Dodge Durango 4861756

HA-1310       VT 1300 V-Twin Cruiser

YA-1208       WR125R, WR125X and YZF-R125

YA-1210       Super Ténéré

33-2458       BMW 135i and 335i 13717599285

E-2997         Polo, Seat Ibiza, Audi A1, Skoda Fabia & Roomster 6R0129620A

E-2999         Audi A8 Quattro 4H0129620D

SU-7511       GSX-R600 and GSX-R750

E-1988         Jeep Compass, Liberty & Dodge Caliber 4593914AB

33-2463       Suzuki SX4 2.0L 1378054L00

KA-1011       2011 ZX10R Ninja 1000

33-2982       2004-11Honda CR-V II & III 2.2L T D 17220RMAE00

TB-1610       Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle

KN-140         Yamaha ATV's.  

KN-563         2006 - 11 Husqvarna and Aprilia

KN-560         2008 - 11 Can-Am DS 450 ATV models. 

33-2465       BMW X3 3.0 L 13717601868

33-2985       Mercedes Benz SLK A2760940004

33-2974       Suzuki Swift IV 1.2L 1378069L00

33-2975       09-12 Peugeot and Citroen 1444TV

RU-4960XD   70Fl Tapered 140Ht

E-3979XD     14”OD 4”Ht The filters ending with a XD are extreme duty racing-use filters

E-3978XD     14”OD 5”Ht           

RC-4630XD   1.25”Fl 6.5”Ht

RC-5182XD   76 Fl 5”Ht Chrome + stud

RC-2960XD   152 Fl 5”Ht  Tapered chrome top

RX-4730XD   76 mm Fl 165 Ht X-stream

RX-3810XD   62 mm Fl 156 Ht X-stream
BM-1208       2008/09/10 BMW HP2 Sport
PL-1608       08-10 Victory Motorcycles

KA1010        2010 Kawasaki Z1000

HA-4207       07-10 FourTrax Rancher

33-2970       BMW 523i, 528i & 730i 13717590593

YA-4510       10-11 YZF450 Motorcycle


With this I will leave you to concentrate on finalising my financial year end.


“You are never
too old to set
another goal
or to dream
a new dream”

C S Lewis