Newsletter No 74


20 September 2012


Good morning


We have recently received a huge shipment of K&N filters.

K&N increased their prices radically, but through ordering in time & a whole lot of other reasons, I am confident to be able to keep the old prices until next year J

My order has also taken into account the new & grey-market vehicles on the road today.

We have also brought in the xtreme duty universal air filters, for a wide range of needs. The XD air filters have an extra thick filtering medium which provides increased protection in high dust conditions.

If it has a motor, we have a filter !


I have also started stocking the following:
POLO 1.4 GTI DOWN PIPE – shown bottom

Renault Megane Down Pipe


Introductory price 3300 incl. Vat.

As you can see it is a DIY installation if you can use tools J

I also stock these Tailpipes, as shown in the first picture above:

1     63mm-101mm       

1     63mm-76mm        

1     57mm-76mm        

1     63mm-85mm        

1     50mm-63mm        


We still supply braking & suspension solutions such as Camil shocks


We also do Ironman & various other custom made units, such as Bilstein etc.

    Please call for pricing


I still have about 20 old type Unichips left, that we are offering at the old price of N$2750 to 2900.
This includes the Chip (3 year warranty), the installation & Dyno-tuning (3 months money back, if not satisfied, guarantee). The new Uni Q starts at 3300 for most petrol vehicles. Diesels are normally around 3500.
The difference between the 2 is that the old Unichip were different for different trigger styles petrol & diesel, whilst the Uni-Q will fit on 95 % of all vehicles & is interchangeable between different cars. The Uni-Q can also run 5 different maps & is a very powerful tuning tool.
So if you have a petrol vehicle like NA Golf, Polo, Opel, Hilux pre-Bullnose, Nissan V6 etc. why not spoil yourself at this never to be repeated price ?


I have a eMail address dedicated specifically to your questions

On this you can expect to receive a reply within 24 hours (Mon to Thur).

Please also check my Website for an answer to your question,

If your question is of general interest, please post it on


More and more questions come in regarding what the difference is between me & other “tuners”.

I know to have dwelled on this before, but it seems not to have been answered in full:

Firstly: Remapping means putting the vehicle on the Dyno and then driving it under all conceivable load RPM scenarios in order to adjust it.

This can be done with the Unichip piggy back ECU or by flashing your stock ECU eprom with the correct values obtained real-time.

This we call tuning- such as tuning a Guitar or Piano J Your vehicle is adjusted to work at its best..


Then you get guys that flash or fit a Unichip with values gained by another vehicle that was Dynoed somewhere.

This is not tuning !


With a turbo car it gets more difficult, as we can also increase boost to a safe level.

This level can become unsafe when the fuel quality changes or something else goes wrong.

On a normally aspirated car you hear it ping or feel it “ruk en pluk”.

On a turbo car you normally find something expensive goes !


Therefore I would normally recommend a freeflow exhaust with a K&N, costing 2500 + 600, on a Petrol-powered turbo car.

If you still want me to chip it, it will be another 4000 N$. You have to understand though that your car will be tuned for the conditions on that day, in my Dyno room. Should this change, such as running poor quality fuel, and your engine fails…

You can run 5 different maps, switched via a hard-switch, keyfob or Bluetooth from your phone if you wish. Such as to reset the car to standard or race setting, should you desire.


I leave you with a motto that I feel applies to me also J


Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied …….…… is to love what you do

Steve Jobs 1955-2011