Newsletter No 75


15 November 2012

G’d day


This time of the year is always crazy…
There are those who want their vehicles ready for the great trek over the festive season
others who want their projects completed before the whole country falls into a coma
& those who want to bring their vehicles in the moment they received their Bonus…

I have experienced this amazing Namibian phenomenon, since 1993.
The world is not ending on the 31 December- & if it is, who cares ?
So I am not going to risk my health & the goodwill of my staff to please the one or 5 people I cannot help in 2012

Right now I am booked up until the 28’th November & I am sure dates thereafter will be filling up during the course of this week.
Sure there are always no-shows and cancellations. So you can go on my waiting list

During this silly-season we will just do the mundane Tune-ups, exhausts etc.
No tuning of Turbo cars (more on that below), development or fault finding.

In other words we will help you with the usual, but not with the special or eccentric !

In the picture you will see how much effort it is to remove the Catalytic converters on a Jeep 3.8 and not let the ECU cry “foul”.
I have a KB 360 here that needs the same done and that is the last of the “specials” for this year, as far as I am concerned.
I will gladly put you on a waiting list, because you put a Turbocharged motor in your NA vehicle & now “just want it tuned”. So far I have 3-requests for this.
I feel for you, but I cannot block my Dyno to make one of you happy, where I can make 5 “normal” customers (Customers with normal vehicles) happy ;)
If you transplanted a 2L VW motor in your 1400 Polo, I can probably help, as they use the same crank-trigger signals. But it must be in a driveable condition !

Also do not ask me “when do you close”, as I don’t know !
This depends entirely on my suppliers and my staff’s holiday plans.
I hope you do understand ?


For those of you who want the Ultimate hydraulic winch for about 60 Grand:


Of course I do also stock the standard sizes @ standard prices J


It is becoming increasingly more popular to replace your NA mill with a Turbocharged unit from the same family. I.e. the Toyota 3SE with the 3SGTE.

Naturally your ECU does not know how to cope with the increase of Pressure in the intake, so you have 4 choices:

1)         MAF sensor equipped cars will adapt automatically to extremely low boost situations- no fun L

2)         Replace the NA ECU with the Turbo ECU & wiring

3)         Aftermarket ECU, such a Gotech, which I refuse working with

4)         Tuning your car with the Dastek piggy-back unit, which I do


What you have to consider is the following:

How does your ECU measure the delivered Air ? MAP & MAF sensors particular to a Turbocharged engine help.

The moment you want to play around .4 Bar & more you need to measure MAP on its own. The Unichip has an external unit that can do that costing about a grand.

Does your fuel pressure regulator increase fuel pressure on boost ?

How will you control Boost ?

How much boost can you safely run ?

Does your intake have manifold flaps that need to be controlled ?

Does your car have closed loop lambda control & how will this be affected by a + pressure scenario

Is your Exhaust/Intake of a sufficient flow-rating to accommodate a Turbo without keeping excess heat in the combustion chamber ?


Remember a Turbocharged motor is like a Buffalo with hot sauce in its eyes.

It can make huge power & blow up just as quickly !

I am conservative & rather make a few kW too little but reliably.


So to just pop in the Turbo engine & expect me to do the rest is probably out of your pocket ?

Think it through, consult the internet (sadly it is also filled with BS) and see if you can locate somebody who has safely made such a conversion some time ago (to make sure it was reliable).


If you think or suspect that there might be a problem with the car, "hiding" somewhere, address it before hand or notify me as there is absolute no bliss found in ignorance when it comes to tuning a car.

Once you have sorted out all those problems, come by my shop with the vehicle so I can look at any shortfalls before hooking it up to the Dyno & see what it gives me. Remember to stay off boost.

Normally I will return the vehicle to you, telling you what still needs to be done before we can tune it.

Once it is on the Dyno I need to have additional fans on a top mount intercooler (front mount is easier) and proper access to the radiator front for cooling it !

I normally keep the car on the Dyno for up to 2 days in order to give the vehicle chance to keep a stable temperature between runs.

Final tests are done on the road.

This way we can combine good safe power with good fuel economy J

Remember I do not believe such conversion to be anything else but hobby or racetrack use !

If you want a reliable daily driver stick to the factory offerings & have those enhanced by us J


As Benjamin said: All motors can be turbo charged, but not all motors should be. For example a  "tired" motor will not handle the extra stresses of boost very well and in such instance money would be better spent first by overhauling the motor and drive train before investing money in a turbo system.

And please do not try Turbo charging a NA motor if you do not know what you are doing. There are regular bangs going round Namibia because people listened to the guru sitting at the end of the bar or just did not do enough research !


Performance clutches (which you need once you have significantly upgraded your motor)


Clutch plates run round about 900 bucks incl.

If you also want a Nu/Pivot cover assembly, it’ll cost you around 1500 incl tax.

These Clutches are made to order, so it can take anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. I would also need as much info as possible, such as:

Dimensions or sample
OEM part numbers
VALEO, CBS part numbers etc.

These do not shudder per-se. Even my mother has one in her RAV J


If you are travelling by car over the festive season, please remember to stay safe.

I hope to be back in the shop on the 7’Th of January.


Until then





When somebody wants to get something cheap, I normally quote "Good - Fast - Cheap: Pick any two" :)