Newsletter No 76


30 April 2013

Good day


I feel guilty for not attending to this newsletter earlier this year, but things have been hectic.

Work has been good to me & not only have I had many interesting vehicles to tune, I have also managed to be selected for outside jobs. This landed me at the coast toward end January and in India during March.

Not much has changed though on the tuning front, as the internal combustion engine still needs Fuel, compressed air and spark to make power. I try to make this work in harmony J


DSCN4640.JPGThere are a few things I want to talk about though. Although I mostly work on new cars, some customers bring old vehicles for me to tune. I have no issue if these vehicles are in a good state, but when I get something in serious state of disrepair it tee’s me off L

There is no reason not to service a old car !

By servicing I am talking about making sure everything is mechanically OK and not jerry-rigged.


If your car has been “worked on” or tuned before, please tell me !

I don’t mind at all, but this way I do not have to charge you for playing Inspector Cluseau

I can also advise on beforehand what to look for or be careful of.


A lot of people seem to think we tuners do not talk amongst each other.

I have good relations with van der Linde etc. and will not re-invent the wheel if they have done development already,

Case in point, a 3.2 Triton has been tuned by company A to deliver 500 Nm torque and some similar impossible Hp figures.

But this car cuts-out, throws check-engine lights and generally misbehaves .

A friend of the owner then approaches another tuner B bragging about this wonder vehicle and how he and his friend will only bring his vehicle to tuner A in future.

This Triton lands up in my workshop and after paying loads of cash to have tuner A work undone and me to retune it, yields more power, torque and fuel economy than before !

Problem is that the owner of the Triton never told me the history of said vehicle. Therefore causing him huge expense and embarrassment in front of tuner B who I have regular contact with.

If somebody promises you the impossible, it probably is J


I guarantee your satisfaction on cars tuned by us. But please do not abuse this by asking for your money back, years after we have tuned said vehicle. If your car runs to your satisfaction for 3-months after my tuning and then has issues later, go figure…

We had an issue where another workshop brought a Bakkie owned by a 3’rd party to me to have its power restored. It was a diesel engine running far too lean. After discussing this with all concerned, it was decided a Unichip was cheaper than a pump & injector rebuild. But the rebuild would have to happen sometime. Obviously the Unichip would be running the engine stinking rich once the stock fuel management was repaired.

The car ran fine for many months until it had the injection system overhauled and subsequently ran out of tune. I recommended a re-tune & the client wanted a refund. We tune the vehicle in the state it gets brought to us in conjunction with the clients knowledge.

                                    *                                  *                                  *


I quite often get vehicles in with a statement such as “Daai K&N van jou is maar…” or “Bilsteins is ook nie meer dit wat hulle was”, only to find a different unit in there. There are many look alike K&N’s out there, but if it is not packaged in a characteristic K&N box and has K&N written on the filter, it is no K&N. If you loose a engine due to ignorance or malicious salesman, it is not K&N or my fault !

I have recently seen lookalike Bilstein shocks that are definitely not made by Bilstein. On another note, a lot of shocks are position sensitive & will fail if you raise or drop your vehicle’s suspension.

That is why we do not carry one type of suspension, but rather find a solution to your particular problem J


Throttle booster (pedal box)


There have been a few requests for us to build a “throttle booster” system. All this system does is modify both the demand signals that go to the ECU so it seems the throttle is pushed more than it really is. It has the same effect as changing the throttle pedal ratio on an old car. It is only a case of bullsh*t baffles brains but apparently many customers like this. There are products on the market that does ONLY this and sell for much more than a complete Unichip!


If there is a demand, we will make a more sophisticated add-on system in the future.


I wish more people would give feedback: ”Ek wou al vroeer laat weet het. Ek is regtig baie gelukkig met die verandering op die Polo. Dit trek lekker en als is nog heeltemal in orde.“

Baie dankie vir die Ford se tune. Hy loop baie mooi en is nie te sleg op die brandstof verbruik nie. Ek het nie geweet jy maak exhaust anders kon jy vir my een gebou het.


Positive or negative !
It makes life soooo much more easy & fun :)


That’s all for now


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