Newsletter No 77

09 September 2013



This September I celebrate my return to Namibia and 20 years of successful tuning in this beautiful country. I leave you to read the press write-up at your own leisure. After 20 years I still enjoy walking into my workshop in the morning, wondering what fun we will have today :-)

Since most of you receiving this newsletter are past or present customers, I say a sincere “thank you”! Without you, I would not be so fortunate to enjoy the Namibian life, as it should be enjoyed. I hope you can also say that I brought a benefit to your vehicle (and therefore into your life), in one way or another.
This is not just my work - it is my life, it is my passion.

I am grateful to be constantly developing something new or improving something we did in the past. So if we did not do it yesterday, it does not mean that we cannot do it today :-)

The chart below clearly demonstrates what one can achieve with each step in the development process.




I am sharing this with you as cars are becoming more expensive, forcing us to consider alternate options.

A longstanding customer sent me an email in which he mentions a few things concerning a lot of us. Are we still prepared to work on old cars, such as the 70’s Ford F250 bakkie? I applied in the affirmative, as age makes no difference :-) Should he repair such a vehicle or buy himself a new Cruiser for 450 grand? I have gone through same considerations and in the end decided that I would rather not over-capitalise in my old Hilux with a complete rebuild. I reasoned it would be more economically viable to buy a 2’nd hand Cruiser in its stead. Also, I was tired of packing a tool-box whenever I ventured into the bush.

Same client then asked me if it was worth buying a aluminium intake from company XYZ for his I300 motor. I recommended either rebuilding the stock carburettor or fitting a Weber 38. I am not going to commit myself to supporting another company selling a product unbeknownst to me. Also, who will then tune that combination?

The last question was whether it would be worth installing another diff ratio to bring the RPM down. I think it a better option to install an overdrive box and a bigger motor. Most cars through the ages had the drive ratios pretty well matched to the power output of the motor.





I love it when a customer tells me how to do my job :-(
Please tell me what results you expect & then I know beforehand whether that should be possible. If you tell me what to do, then I will do so. But YOU will take full responsibility. When I do it my way, then I am responsible :-)


If your Engine is missing (not the having to go to the police type), do not bother bringing it in for a tune up by me, unless I miraculously have time. First find what causes the miss and then fix it. I often find prehistoric spark plugs or incorrect ones fitted to engines that miss.
I do not repair things, I optimise them to the best of their ability :-)


As you might have gathered, I do not like SA-made aftermarket engine management systems. I will not tune them, even at the owners risk. I think it not fair to do a job which I cannot guarantee.


Petrol Turbo cars are different, as I can set them up properly, but I cannot take into account changes in condition. Obviously, I cannot make more raw power on an unscrupulously tuned GTi, but I can make more safe power ;-)


I think the way we publish Power figures are by now self-explanatory.
If somebody else publishes significantly different figures, than check how they are derived please ;-)


 > K&N ORDER   

I will soon order my end of the year shipment from K&N. If there is something you wish me to stock, please advise me soonest?

As you might have heard, K&N has expanded its range with:

  >  In-line Fuel/Oil Filters

  >  HD dry-type truck air-filters

  >  Replaceable HD canister-type Airfilter with housing

  >  Replacement Air Filters for Small Industrial Engines

  >  Please peruse their website, as there are too many items to list here.




I would like to leave you with the following thoughts, as I celebrate 20 years of Tuning in Namibia:

  >  I am sure nobody makes better, reliable & drivable power than we do :-)

  >  Our solutions are Customised and NOT “off the rack”

  >  All our parts and services are guaranteed

  >  We are the oldest tuning company in Namibia, by far.


“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without Passion”



Nick von Bergen
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