Newsletter No 79


06 May 2015




I know, guilty as charged, but we are so busy that we hardly have time to show you our latest developments.

Easiest is to occasionally glance at my Dyno Run page and see if your vehicle has been added.


Recently we did some more work on the Polo GTi by fitting a downpipe and replacement K&N filter.

This pipe(on top) just replaces the stock downpipe with cat(bottom) and makes more power than a safe software upgrade.


Sadly I had to stop giving our money-back guarantee on GWM and all other Chinese makes

These cars are not yet developed to a standard that I can support giving a guarantee on !

We have done quite a few of these successfully, but sadly also had some customers that were not happy. This is not an issue with Toyota, VW, Opel, Nissan etc.

This has nothing to do with our work, but with these vehicle. Though we still get a reduction in fuel consumption and increase in power.


In a past Newsletter I stated that we had discontinued Weber’s.

I got so many upset people contacting me regarding this, that we now import small quantities of carburettors, spares and adapters again. But remember they are dear !


It is the start of winter and again I am inundated with calls stating that the clients’ vehicle is heavier on juice, all of a sudden.

In winter the car has extra enrichment on start-up.

The air is colder and therefore denser, necessitating more fuel for drivability.

Your tyre pressure will decrease and therefore offer more rolling resistance.

You have to do fuel comparisons on the long road and take an average over similar conditions.

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Some time ago we started stocking ammo boxes, cleaning kits, ceramic knives etc.




The next K&N shipment should arrive in the beginning of June


The pleasure of quality
There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price ONLY are this man’s lawful prey.