Newsletter No 80

26 July 2016


Good morning on this fine winter day.

I think the best way to start this day is with a video or 2:


South African showing at Paul Ricard racetrack

Please check out the latest Unichip video at this link:

Another video someone else made about Unichip and dyno tuning:


What is new

A lot of things happened in the last year. But I think we should start with the most important.

We have also completed the initial development on the new Hilux with the 1GD-FTV motor.
I doubt there has been a newly released vehicle where we have had so MANY different options available, as for the new generation Toyota diesel models.

Toyota Revo GD

Dastek developed a separate module for it to make wiring a lot simpler.
The UniQ4 + GDE module and High Voltage injector driver will cost close to 8500 as a Plug ‘n Play module.
The soldered in version will cost 4500, excluding the Injector driver that
gives that extra power for a short time to get over a hurdle. This is ideal for manual (especially 2.4L versions) used as a workhorse.
This way we can control:
Timing- not on the N$4500 version
Roadspeed governor

So far we have developed the following maps, for the PnP version:
Main map = immobilizer
Mapset 2 = standard
Mapset 3 = economy and less gear kickback
Mapset 4 = power for towing
Mapset 5 = More power or throttle booster
We are working on a game drive mode so this map might change soon.
You can use the original Economy / Power buttons on the vehicle to switch between maps as well as using Bluetooth on your cell.


Obviously there is also a replacement K&N available, that will be restocked before the year is over.

The Stainless Downpipe-system will set you back 7074 incl Vat and fitting. I will give a 15 % discount if you want to fit it yourself- a easy proposition for those who understand which way round a nut is fastened on a bolt ;)


More and more far-east fakes are being sold that give the genuine article a bad name, as the copy looks identical but does not work as it should.

I see a lot of these type of units failing on customer cars.

We have therefore decided to import a quality version of this:

Clockwise from top left:
500w Inverter 1430
150w Inverter 721
Daytime running lights 849
Daytime running lights 536
USB & Micro USB + 8A port 691
USB + 8A Cig lighter port 411
Prices are in Rand and include Vat


This year is going to be testing with the USD/Rand relationship at its poorest with over 33% down from last year

I will try to compensate for that by keeping my labour prices the same as last year.

Obviously our parts prices will have to increase.

But costs are always rising and it takes strong, ethical standards not to cut corners and compromise quality to maintain sales.


We now have stock again of Lambda foolers, retailing for 495 N$ incl. Vat


Also we now stock a large range of Viper headers.

This move was caused partly by us running into a severe supply problem.

The Exhaust headers were running close to a 6 month lead period.

The last K&N order landed 5 months after my placing the initial order.

Other suppliers only fulfil about 30 % of each order.

And I doubt it will get better L


From the Workshop:


I spent quite some time looking into DPF’s.

Most locally sold vehicles have an early version of the DPF that has no electronic controls. It can simply be removed. Which we do regularly.

So far we have only had sporadic vehicles come in with a serious DPF-controller issue.

I do know that DPF issues are common elsewhere in the world. Even to such an extent that cars are driven on Dynamometers to force the system into a regenerative modus.

Obviously DPF is still in its infancy.

The problem comes in that DPF and catalytic converter removal is illegal in most countries mandating their use. The penalty is extremely stiff.

The DPF is also priced beyond reasonable pain thresholds (I got prices ranging from 20 to 50 000 N$).

Therefore nobody really wants to touch the issue. This is not technical but green/political.

I have far too little experience on this to give a precise answer. Those who have, seem to be divided in the success of overriding the ECU.


It is important to ascertain if the vehicle has entered a limp-home modus, or is only burning the CEL ?

So far most workshops have physically cleaned out the DPF hoping that it does not go into limp home. Then they only have a CEL to contend with.

When the system does balk, I try to fool it with the Unichip. The alternative is to send the ECU overseas.


Physically Cleaning out the DPF is about 1000 to 2000 N$

Generally fooling the electronics will be about 4 to 5000, but cannot be guaranteed.


When I was in Swakopmund a while back, a past client of mine had set up a meeting for people interested in tuning.

What got my goat was that a lot of people like to badmouth other tuners and relate to bad experiences. Most being hearsay.

Everybody can make a conscious decision on who to support. If you do not get the deal you expected, sort it out with that particular service provider, please.

I was amazed on my return, that I had 19 calls on my Answering machine, whilst only one person left a coherent message !


We often get in vehicles that were done elsewhere, in the hope that we can repair the damage done or improve on that.

I agree to this only if no legal proceedings are involved and if the work done is reversible.

I cannot fix a flashtuned vehicle, but if it had a chip fitted we can remove it.


If you want to have your car modified talk to others who have used the prospective tuner a while back and see how happy they are.

Also see if the work is reversible and if the tuner is prepare to do so if you are unhappy with his work. We will even give your money back if you are unsatisfied J


A client recently stopped by with a quote he got from a SA based tuning company asking 19 Grand for doing a St2 on his 3L D4d.
I gave him the following quote:
4150 for the Unichip incl. Dynotune etc.
1320 for the K&N filter
750 for freeing up the exhaust
I am wondering what else he would be getting for the R12 780 that he would pay more there ?
Maybe I must increase my prices ?


It is obvious that Namibians are becoming more cash strapped.
This being a trend we can expect to continue


Herewith I want to quote from my friend who races overseas:

You want results then train like it !
The new season 2016 is coming and the people who are in the middle of their training and are starting to train even harder … they are the ones who will come out on top at the end of the season .
Every time I get asked about the talent of a rider …. my definition of talent is
Talent = an excuse not to train hard !!!!
Sure some riders have a little more fine feeling for their bikes but its hard work that pays off in the end!!!
Being able to do the same ,FAST lap times, THROUGHOUT the whole race !!!! that counts … and only the fittest can keep that up for 35min.
But being that fit means going the 100%..
The majority of riders get up to 75%. May be because they just don't know how much they have to do in other words the are not knowledgeable about how they have to train !!! or they think that was 100% ? or thats where there comfort zone ends !!! but getting to 85 % is nearly 10 x as much work as 75% , there are about 15 % riders who fall into that category !and going the last 10%/15 % is having extreme self decipline ,unbounded Ambition and Focused determination on goals they set ...
There only a handful make it and they are the ones who are winning the championships !!!
So motivate your selfs !!! set goals !!! and Train Hard !!!
Good luck…..


That’s it for now




“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” Desmond Tutu