Newsletter No 81

18 January 2017


Hi folks


Welcome to 2017 and I hope you all slipped gently into it.

This year will be awkward if not downright scary.

I am less worried about what will happen in the US of A as from the 20’th, but rather what our president will and will not do to control the spiralling economy of this country. Add the president of Namibia’s biggest trading country to the mix and I feel like staying in bed with the covers pulled over my head.

When the general population loses faith in its leaders, who they elected, things get bad. Especially on the economical front.

We are only at the tip of this scary rollercoaster, which does not provide seatbelts or any other safety feature.

Nick’s Racing will sit tight and see what happens. As my stock is paid for and my liabilities are close to non-existent, we will carry on trading as usual J

It is up to you to tell me if they want me to concentrate on new ventures, just as your behaviour sees me closing past doors.


Complete bolt-on exhaust systems

Last year I decided to start stocking bolt on systems for high-volume vehicles.


For the time being we started carrying these for the following Vehicles:

Obviously we will expand this range, depending on demand.

The usual discounts apply and the prices are to be found on my website.

As an incentive we give 15 % discount on diesel systems, if the client fits it himself- about 2 to 4 hours depending on the age of the vehicle and your competence.

On a V8 Cruiser a client remarked “it felt like I fitted another Turbo”.

These systems are not loud either, just giving you a nice deep note on pull-away.


To Unichip or not

Here is a nice Unichip tune explanation that shows how we tune every individual vehicle for optimum safe power and best fuel economy, unlike those who fit a generic chip and hope things will work out OK.


With a number of far inferior rail pressure only type diesel products out there, we made a comparison document:

I think this should clear things up


This picture clearly shows the difference between the high-tech Unichip and another product we see a lot of, when removing it:



I doubt there is another product on the market that gives the client so many choices:

You can ask us to set-up up to 5 maps with different settings.
Only the imagination is the limit


Other “chips”

We often get in vehicles that were done elsewhere, in the hope that we can repair the damage done or improve on the work done.

I agree to this only if no legal proceedings are involved and if the work done is reversible.

I cannot fix a flash-tuned vehicle, but if it had a chip fitted we can remove it.

The pictures below show some examples:


a Resistor wired in to do what ?

Give me a break ! The only way this would improve your mileage is if you wire one wire to your right big toe and the other to a testicle of your choice.


We have removed quite a few of these high tech units, as the customers often have driveability issues with them fitted:

Such as losing all power whilst overtaking.

Excessive fuel consumption

Or/and a loss in power, as the following graph shows


Please note that I am not knocking the chip-manufacturer in this blog, but not tuning a vehicle on a Dyno is irresponsible.

Quite often people approach me asking if I can tune their “chip”. Most of the time it just is not possible, as they are either not tuneable or we do not have their software and adapters.

I stuck with the Unichip since 2004, since it works !


What is a Power Plug

A friend sent me the screens-shot below, with the questions:

Wtf. Since when does dastek do plug an play 😳
I thought there chips all have to be dyno tuned



Dastek Power originally developed this system, using the dealer programmable Unichip which then connects into the wiring harness, so the client could remove and refit this as will.

This was called the Plug and Play, later changed to U-connect.

It is now called the called Power Plug.

We mostly offered the Unichip as a permanently soldered in system, that could still have the Unichip removed and a bridge-plug fitted in place of the Unichip.

I went into depth into an earlier Newsletter.


When we sell such a system, we treat it like a soldered-in chip that we set up vehicle-specific on our Dynamometer.
Therefore it should not be confused with those PnP-type chips that are supplied by a lot of unscrupulous operators, since they do not check and correct the values of their chip on a Dyno.


Confusion reigns

I am amazed though at some people’s gullibility. Luckily none of my clients J

When offered mapping on the car he takes Stage 5. Why not stage 1 or 2 or 4 ?

What is a stage ?

In my youth it was a place where the band performed.


Or why a racing cam on your daily driver ?

Do you really want to hate driving to the shop for a pint of milk…


Must the Exhaust be as noisy as a Concorde for take-off, to make power ?

Why do my silent exhausts then make more power !

Backpressure ? Please, we are not living in the 80’s anymore.


Or clients that want me to install Swirlers in the Intake to make more power ?

I suppose this is why we removed all these in the last few weeks:


This might look like a genuine K&N to the uninitiated.

But if the price is sooo much lower than at the K&N dealers I’d get worried.

And then you have these unscrupulous retailers saying that “the K&N product is also manufactured in the East”. It says “Made in the USA” on the box, because that is what it is in case of the genuine article.

The fake K&N’s also have this info on their box, so it is difficult to distinguish.

Caveat emptor !



I want to thank all of you for supporting me since 1993 J

I am glad to say that we could help nearly all customers with their requests for Unichips or K&N filters over the past- local or import vehicles.



I leave you with the following quote “Good, Fast, Cheap", choose any 2 !