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2 Nutheads doing what you would probably want to do.

Please note that this is Urda & My Private website, so please do not be offended by our views.



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Deeper Meaning to this Web Page

Ok this whole exercise is brought forward by my craving to understand how a Web Page works. To get one designed in Namibia costs 5000 to 70 000 Rand. Being a direct descendant to Scrooge, I decided to do it on my own.

Hopefully this has evolved into a Web Page representing Nick's Racing.

At the moment you are on my own web page, representing Nick von Bergenís views interests etc...


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Hot List


q       First Bike trip to South Africa

q       2'nd Bike Trip to SA

q       Trip to Malawi

q       Trip to Ovamboland (2001 Christmas)

q       Trip to Ovamboland (Christmas 2002)

q       Trip to Angola (August 3003)


To view my other Articles please click here.

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Contact Information

Please discard any old addresses you might have. If you have not noticed, this is where you are at.

We are based in Namibia (264), so you can call us at:

+61-216884 (W) or

+61-216883 if you wish to send a Fax

+81-124 0375 (Cell)

Or send me Snail mail at:

Nick's Racing

Box 21469




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Current Projects

Finishing my Workshop/Warehouse on Erf 23 Nickel Str. Prosperita.

And our living quarters on top.

Building the Hammer of Thor

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Biographical Information

Nick's business is located in Prosperita and Nick & Urda also live there.

I asked Urda to put in a Wegspinne here. You can also get a map of Namibia, to show you where we are at.


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Personal Interests

Besides what you can see, we are also very much into the Outdoors.


Which some of you might know I am also into Cooking, so click on My Recipes, if you want to have some ideas to make your mouth Water.

I have a strong interest in firearms, therefore if you want some Ballistic Information...


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Work Information

Owner of Nick's Racing & Graphic Designer

The idea is to earn enough money at Work, so we can do the cruisin.


Key responsibilities

Oh dear- or could that be having a good time without hurting no one ?

Department or workgroup

Still got to decide

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Last Revised: 15 November 2012