Photo's of Erf 23 (Nickel Str)


I am making Photo's of the development as we go on, so that you know where we are.

The Builders C&C Walling, have made a tentative deadline, of end April 2003, as to when I can Move in. It is now April 2004, but it seems we are moving with the building 2/3 finished.

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At the end of 2005 the Upstairs roof finally came on

1 May 2004 and we are driving Landfill into the yard (100 m3 still needed)

27 February, and the roof is finally on

February 2004- and the Mezzanine Floor is nearly completed

8 December and the start of the Mezzanine Floor:

14 August and the plastering is carrying on.

13 July, sadly still quite some way to go before it is all finished.

8 June Urda & her Mom marveling

14 May and definitely not finished.

4 April 2003 The Floor is being cast in sections.

28 March 2003, Paul and myself inspecting the shed's uprights.

26 March The foundations for the 2'nd story Pillars are cast. In the Background, the pit.

1 March 2003- My Mother, Heike and Urda inspecting Nick's Island

21 February 2003 The Concrete bases for the Pillars are Cast

17 February 2003 Foundation walls are Laid

3/2/03 This Photo was taken 2 Days before my Dad passed away (Building just started)


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