Carburettor Conversions


Our Carburettor Conversions (since Weber’s are back again) including Fitting, K&N Airfilters and Dyno tuning- Price:

32 36 DGV-manual choke is 6500
36DCD & 32 36 DGAV    N$ 8000
38 DGAS 27                     N$ 9000.00
Rover V8                         N$ 12 000.00
(on Exchange)


 These prices are escalating all the time, so please call me for a current price.

If there was enough demand for these carburators, we could slash prices tremendously.

Weber pricing, you will find on my Pricelist


We have original replacement Nissan 1400 Carbs on special for only 3350 incl. 15 % VAT

I can still give a discount on quantity and trade J
34 ICH LandRover/Beetle single barrel replacement carb still costs less than 3 Grand