Pricing on Tune up's

If you have a car that is in an excellent state of tune and you want me to sort out the Carburettor. Fine, if nobody tinkered with it before. If it is Fuel injected, see the prices at the Bottom for an Engine tune and then check out the Unichip.

Generally I charge 500 N$ per Dyno hour
Also I charge 300 N$ specialised Workshop hour
So if you bring me a Weber equipped Car for a Tune-up, will cost you about1500 N$.
This is for adjusting the valves, cleaning up the Carb, giving the Engine a Quick visual and checking/adjusting the ignition/jetting on the Dyno.
On non Weber equipped cars, if the jetting is out, pricing depends whether I have the necessary Jets and how long it takes me to sort it out.

What else costs extra: All other tuning work, such as sorting out that Ignition that is failing or degreeing that cam. This brings me to the next point.
Your car now needs a tune up. Best is if you advise me beforehand that something is wrong (or that it had been "tweaked" by somebody else), saving you at least 750 N$. What is best, if it has not been messed with before.
If you had your Engine modified by us I will gladly sort it out, to get it running as good as when it left us. This normally works out between 1000 to 2000 N$, for which we check our past work:
Cam Timing
Valve lash
Ignition timing/system
Exhaust leaks
Airfilter (if K&N)

When you book your car in, please advise us on what the precise problem is and what you want us to do.
You may also specify a Ceiling. This is a price where we stop the job and Contact you with our findings.

I hope I have explained this clearly. Otherwise, contact me please ?