Lubango 26 Agosto 2006


First time Urda & me went to Lubango was in 2003. I returned with my friend Tomané in 2005 for the races and some recreation. I really like the place for a Holiday and managed to persuade Urda to go with us this year. I was not able to go overboard as usual, since I had to look after the race Car.


To get the vehicle into race tune, was a mission as so much had to be modified, repaired and reworked. The car had been through many hands after it had been raced by Hyundai motorsport.

Originally I was only to tend to the 3SgtE engine, but in the end was left to do all.

To appease me Tomané brought along a small present from Portugal.


We stayed in the same house as last year, which I found quite comfortable.










Seeing that there was also a Supermercado (Loja) across the road







One reason why I enjoy Angola so much, is that they also attach great imporance to food & drink, even though their money is not worth much yet.






But there are quite a few investors sprucing up the Centro Cidade.

What fascinates me about these races is the public participation and enthusiasm (look at them in the trees).


Of course we also entertained ourselves