Our warranty is based on that of most other performance shops namely: 

Our Workmanship is warranted to be free of defects for a period of 12 months or 50 000 Km under normal use, service and operation from the date of installation, by ourselves.
We shall be obliged to Repair any work acknowledged by us to be defective.
We shall not hold ourselves responsible for any expenses arising from the breakdown of a customers vehicle.
We are only responsible for our work and not for resulting and/or consequential Damages.
The warranty shall not be extended following any repair during the warranty period. 

The warranty will cancel itself immediately if the customer:
Does not return the vehicle between 500-1500 Km after we carried out work on it
The customer wilfully damages/neglects his vehicle
Does not contact us immediately after any problem arises
Does not follow the manufacturers service schedule
Fails to comply with the manufacturers warranty requirements
Fails to install the neccesary Instrumentation to monitor our parts and/or fails to heed the information processed by these instruments (ie. low oil pressure). 

The warranty is honoured at our business premises of Erf 23 Nickel Str Prosperita. It is the customers obligation to return the vehicle/parts thereto at his expense, for any repairs to be carried out.

Due to the increasing amount of modifications done on a vehicle, please be aware that the person doing the modifications is responsible for them.