22R Engine as found in the New Toyota Hilux series.

From 20 years of research and development locally and overseas we can comment on the following.

The abovementioned engine suffers from a severe lack of efficiency. This is brought about by the following:

1) Carburator too small for local conditions, wich means that your second stage (power) comes in at cruising. This seems to have been modified so that the 2'nd stage opens later, causing a stumble on transition and a oscillation of the 2'nd stage butterfly when the engine has to supply less than full power but more than the first stage can handle.

Remedy: a bigger carb- suggested would be a Weber 38 DGAS since it is known by most mechanics and parts are available Nationwide.

2) Head- intake and exhaust passages too rough and uncontoured. This is not that important on fuelinjected heads (original application) Carburated engines had round intake ports 20R and later rectangular. This can be controlled by machining or handblended afterward.

3) Intake manifold matched insufficiently to head causing fuelstandoff. Also because this head never had a carburator manifold. Solution as per (2).

4) Exorst system is made for 500-3200 RPM. At our Cruising speeds it is too restrictive. I would suggest a Branch System.

Through having built so manny performance versions of this Engine including 185Hp 50 State Emissions legal street Versions. I would suggest the following, we can supply a easy to fit kit including:

1 Ported cylinder head

1 Modified intake manifold

1 Exhaust header

1 Freeflow exhaust system

1 Street performance Cam

1 Weber Carburator

1 K&N Airfilter

1 K&N Breatherfilter

This is a package kit including all neccesary gaskets etc.

Price of complete kit Nam$19 900,00 inc VAT and Installation

This would Increase performance over the whole RPM range. Increase Engine longlevity as a strong bottom end will encourage shortshifting.

Improve on Fuelconsumption in all modes of usage.

Finally I would like to add that the R series engines were known for their durability, weak points are: Cylinderbore out of Roundness, weak Camchain system and a soft cam surface. All of wich can and should be be cured.

We also have in stock 3.8L Buick V6 engines that we can supply with a conversion kit, so it mounts behind either a 4 speed overdrive automatic, or a heavy duty 5 speed manual. On the customers responsibility, we can also mount it behind the stock 5 speed. For the realy power hungry Chevy V8's from mild to wild are availiable ! Above kits also for Y Series engines.